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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
On this day:

WP Declares Gonzales An "Assault" Weapon Ban Supporter

However, the quote from Alberto Gonzales declaring his support doesn't seem quite as forceful as the WP headline. Perhaps this is why the WP buried the actual quote in the eighth paragraph:

"I worry about his safety and the types of weapons he [Gonzales's brother Tony, a Houston SWAT officer] will confront on the street," Gonzales said. "The president has made it clear that he stands ready to sign a reauthorization of the federal assault weapons ban if it is sent to him by Congress. I, of course, support the president on this issue."

Vaguely reminiscent of Vice President Cheney's "support" of President Bush's stance against homosexual "marriage," isn't it?

N.B., the President's support of the "assault" weapons ban isn't too ringing, either. Whereas members of his administration ultimately defer to him on policy issues, it sounds as though the President has simply declared he would defer to Congress on this particular policy issue, should the question cross his desk.