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Friday, February 04, 2005
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Fairfax's "Hit & Run" Connolly Excited About Proposed Tysons Skating Rink

The WP reports that when finished "the mall would be ringed by office, residential and hotel mid-rises, essentially increasing the amount of floor space on the property to more than 5 million square feet, or more than twice as much as in the Empire State Building."

Here's the best part, though:

The second hurdle is that only about a third of the project can be built before funding for the $1.5 billion Metrorail extension from West Falls Church through Tysons Corner is approved, according to the terms of the proposed rezoning for the expansion.
What is this nonsense about permitting a third of the construction even before the MetroRail project is funded? Why not require the expansion to wait until MetroRail is actually built (as opposed to merely funded)?

Fairfax County Chairman "Hit and Run" Connolly (D) is thrilled with the project though because it includes "a central plaza with an ice skating rink." Interestingly, the WP omits any reference to financial dealings between Connolly and any parties pushing for approval of this project.


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