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Sunday, February 06, 2005
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Wachovia Did What?

The WP reports:
Wachovia said that, overall, 86 statements or tax forms were mistakenly sent to Pirozzi, including information on 73 individuals. Pirozzi said the number of pieces of mail was significantly higher, closer to 140...

That first month, he said, he received several dozen statements that all listed his address but someone else's name. Pirozzi first called Wachovia, hoping they could quickly resolve the matter and get the mail redirected to its rightful owners.

Instead, he got bounced from person to person, number to number, automated system to automated system.

Apparently, it took the involvement of the WP to get Wachovia to sort this mess out. How many times does this sort of thing happen where the recipient of others' personal information is not as honest as Mr. Pirozzi?